My name is Jenny Gale Howe, and I’m a Sales Director with Metric Theory. If you’re reading this blog entry, you’ve probably received a call or an email from someone on the Metric Theory Team. And if that is the case, you’re probably wondering … “Who is Metric Theory, and why are they calling me?”

To be honest, if we’ve reached out to you at all, it means we’ve found something worth discussing in your Google AdWords performance. With that said, I’m guessing you get many paid search related phone calls a week, so let me tell you what sets this one apart from the others.

The business development team at Metric Theory also happens to be an extremely talented group of SEM professionals who audit both internal and external performance for paid search accounts. So if we’re calling you directly, you can expect that we’ve found enough evidence to suggest that we can likely help with the performance of your account.

Let’s put it this way:
If I’m shopping on Google for a new windshield for my 1965 Ford Fairlane (and yes, I do drive this car) And your company shows me a paid search advertisement for “Lawn Mower Batteries,” … True Story … Then I’m going to give you a call.
Plain and simple. I’m shopping on Google, and your company is displaying a less than desirable “user experience.” And you likely don’t even know it!

Our team proactively reaches out when we’ve found something that isn’t functioning properly in your live online advertising campaigns. We pride ourselves on providing solutions so you can walk away with actionable insights to improve your account’s performance.

And to be honest, we won’t call you with just one example.
That would be a waste of our time, and yours. We only call organizations where we see multiple issues indicative of larger scale problems throughout the account.

Bottom line – we don’t pick up the phone without a reason.
So what happens if you answer – or heaven forbid – call us back?
Well, to begin with, we will offer some free advice.

You already work with another agency?
Fine – take these problems back to them and tell them to do the dirty work.
They should be doing that already, yes? 😉

You do this in house? – Great!
We might be able to teach you a thing or two.

Regardless, we can promise you an interesting, and free paid search discussion. If that “Wows” you, we can offer you a free in-depth Audit of your account. Again – no strings attached. And all of this is done to help us prove our salt, and gain your trust.

So with that said, I strongly encourage you to take a minute or two to hear us out. The worst thing you will get is some expert PPC advice. Or, on the flip side, we may uncover a very expensive mistake that will make a world of difference in terms of your return on investment! And in a world where so little is truly free, I’d say that is a really unique, and exciting, opportunity.
We look forward to speaking with you!