Gifting ties for Father’s Day is a thing of the past (right?), and that leaves plenty of opportunity for ecommerce brands to jump in and market themselves as the perfect gift for dad. Here are some quick tips on how to make sure you’re prepared to maximize your revenue for Father’s Day this year.

Father's Day Gifting Searches


They say timing is everything, and that’s definitely true when planning your marketing strategy for any gifting holiday. Father’s Day gifting searches start to pick up at the beginning of June and really pick up the week prior to the day itself.

To fully take advantage of the holiday, you should begin your marketing efforts at least two weeks prior to the holiday. This way, you can ensure you’re getting in front of people early and staying top-of-mind throughout the research and purchase cycle.

The most important time to be investing is about a week prior to the day itself, and promotions are a great way to get ahead of the competition during this time. It’s even better if you can run “next day shipping” or “day of delivery” promos to further incentivize shoppers.

Father's Day Purchase Interest

*Source: Google trends

Full Funnel Approach

If you plan properly and invest early, you can get in front of users at all stages of the purchase cycle. Leverage all the platforms you’re running paid media on and invest in early-stage search terms and prospecting initiatives. This primes you for high investment on qualified users the week prior to Father’s Day. Some suggestions on strategies below:

  • Leverage Facebook’s page and lookalike audiences to get in front of users likely to be interested in your product
  • Use a 365 day site visitor audience to target Father’s Day keywords or display efforts to more qualified users
  • Get in front of past purchasers who are already bought into your brand

Then, as the holiday approaches, start to pull back on top-of-funnel tactics and increase investments at the bottom of your funnel. This will keep your brand top of mind and drive the users you’ve previously targeted to convert. Some suggestions include:

  • Remarket to users who have visited specific gifting pages on your site (ex. gift guides, men’s pages, etc.)
  • Leverage DPA on Facebook to remarket to people who have viewed products or added to cart
  • Isolate Father’s Day specific products in Google Shopping and bid them up (be sure to leverage Merchant Promotions if applicable!)

Cohesive Messaging

And as always, if you’re running Father’s Day initiatives across multiple channels, be sure to keep your messaging cohesive! With similar language and imagery across channels, your brand will be more easily recognized among the abundance of Father’s Day ads out there.