With the holiday season just around the corner, digital marketers are strategizing to squeeze as much revenue as possible out of the most important quarter of the year. Video advertising should be an integral part of your holiday strategy. YouTube campaigns provide many benefits for brands during the holidays, including increased awareness for top gifts, increased remarketing reach, and the opportunity to create an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience.

Reach your consumer where they are this holiday season with YouTube ads. Image via Pexels.

Reach your consumer where they are this holiday season with YouTube ads. Image via Pexels.

Showcase Your Top Gifts

If your company has certain products that typically sell better during the holidays, such as gift packages that bundle products together, feature them in video ads. Fans of your other products may have no idea that you offer products that could make excellent gifts. Try narrowing your targeting by making videos that feature top gifts for different demographics, and then matching targeting with the video content. For example, you could make a video featuring top gifts for men, and target it with keywords such as ‘gifts for dads’, ‘gifts for husbands’, etc.

Grow Your Remarketing Cookie Pools (Or Take Advantage of the Ones You Currently Have)

Are you planning to create special holiday-themed image ad creative or special landing pages for holiday gifting? If so, get even more use out of these resources by using YouTube to drive new traffic to your website, thereby adding more users to your cookie pool for remarketing audiences. Even if the visitors don’t convert on their initial visit to the site, you can re-target them with the specially-designed holiday creative.

Additionally, YouTube Remarketing is a fantastic way to take advantage of your current remarketing audiences, which will likely grow with an increase in traffic around the holiday season. We’ve seen YouTube Remarketing drive direct conversions at an ROI/CPA comparable to, if not better than, non-brand paid search.

Create an Emotional Connection With Your Customers

Numerous studies have shown that a consumer’s emotional connection with a brand impacts his or her likelihood of purchasing. According to an article from Psychology Today, “Advertising research reveals that emotional response to an ad has far greater influence on a consumer’s reported intent to buy a product than does the ad’s content.”

By its nature, the holiday season comes with strong emotional ties. Many people fondly remember time spent with family, and the joy of giving and receiving gifts with loved ones. Take advantage of this surge in emotions by creating video ads around emotional moments that your customers will relate to. Last year’s most-viewed video during the holidays was Macy’s ‘Wish Writer,’ a heartwarming story about holiday wish lists that ends with a promise to donate to the Make A Wish Foundation for every wish list mailed at their stores.

Themes that can be particularly effective at establishing emotional connections during the holidays include opening gifts, family gatherings, and holiday traditions. In particular, think of ways that your product can augment these experiences. For example, Apple produced a popular video in 2013 that showed a seemingly withdrawn teenager using his iPhone to document family traditions and turn them into a video.

As you’re preparing your holiday strategies this year, don’t miss out on a crucial opportunity to engage holiday shoppers. Make sure to consider YouTube and the various benefits it can offer for your brand.