In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, there are constantly new tactics, tools, and campaign types that PPC account managers can choose from to optimize their accounts. This makes it difficult to parse out exactly what the best strategies are to meet clients’ goals and/or which would be most time effective. If you’re looking for a place to start, follow the outlined strategies and tips below to meet your clients’ needs.

Choose account work that has the highest impact on your goal

Above all, the work that you do in an account should be aimed at achieving the client’s goal. If the client wants to maintain a 3 ROAS and maximize revenue, the tasks you choose are going to be different than if your client has a wide budget and wants to increase brand awareness. You should constantly be asking yourself, “Does this work help me meet my goal?”

Usually when choosing work to do, we put tasks into two categories – growth or efficiency. If you are at your goal, you should be focused on growth initiatives like launching new campaigns, testing new keywords, increasing bids, etc. If you are not at your goal, you should be focused on efficiency initiatives like decreasing bids, adding negative keywords, concluding ad copy tests, and pausing campaigns with poor performance.

Execute time sensitive work first

At times, our clients have work that is time sensitive and requires our immediate attention. Some examples of time sensitive scenarios include when clients launch promotions, press releases, or new products. When these come up, it is important that you rework your schedule to ensure this work gets executed before other maintenance items.

Test and try new initiatives

Google, Bing, Facebook, and Amazon are constantly coming out with new ad types and strategies. Many of the products they are releasing can be very beneficial to our clients and their goals. That is why we suggest you prioritize testing in your account by routinely trying new initiatives. You could do this through an agreed-upon testing budget and timeframe to see and analyze results separately from the rest of the account. My favorite method for testing is to use AdWords experiments to split campaign traffic 50/50; this makes it easy to measure impact. Again, pick the initiatives that work towards your account’s overall goal. You will never know how something will impact an account until you try, so don’t wait on someone else to figure out the next great feature before you do.

Right now, a few of the new AdWords initiatives that we are testing with strong results are:

1. Automated bidding & ad rotation (eCPC, Target CPA, Target ROAS, Optimize ad rotation)

2. Responsive ads

3. Customer Match Similar Audiences for Gmail Ads and YouTube

Follow these basic rules when choosing what work to do in an account, and you can be sure to prioritize effectively and feel confident in your strategy.