We’ve all seen the stats – image is more effective than text, video can be more effective than images, and creative innovation continues to rely on image testing and motion assets. At the same time, we know acting on that is easier said than done, especially for marketing departments that inevitably have fifteen other priorities vying for the top spot. An area like creative development, that can quickly eat up resources, often gets pushed down the list.

However, as we ramp towards the holidays, know that taking advantage of creative trends doesn’t have to require a fully built out creative department. Use the suggestions below to level up your creative approach without breaking the bank.

Creative Tips for Digital Marketing
Do Less

Many times, effective creative testing and stronger creative performance doesn’t have to come from creating something new, but instead taking something out. As ad formats become even more mobile-first and native looking, taking elements out of the ad or banner can help make the ad experience more native looking and boost engagement. Consider reducing the amount of text, or taking text off completely. Try cutting down existing video assets – one 30 second video clip all of a sudden becomes two or three shorter clips you can test against each other. Use shorter carousels or slideshows, or test not having a CTA button on the ad at all. In general, simple pictures are best!

Create Basic Motion Assets with DIY Tools

Motion creative can be a gamechanger for performance, but full video production is easier said than done. Remember that there’s a whole host of motion options before full video! GIF assets can be more achievable to create, and cinemagraphs (a picture with a few moving elements) can be a great option too. Some tools we’d recommend here are Mojo and Inshot, both of which have a plethora of templates so you can create motion assets on your own.

Dynamic Creatives

Even in the event that there’s zero possibility of creating anything new or modifying existing assets, there’s likely still combinations of your existing asset library that you haven’t tested. With only a library of 3 images, 3 headlines and 3 description lines, that’s already 27 ad combinations to test. Leveraging Facebook’s Dynamic Creative feature can lead to quicker identification of the perfect combination possible.

Video Creation Kits

Specifically for Facebook video, their Video Creation Kit makes creation of different video assets accessible to the non-technical among us. Simply give the kit your existing image and text assets, and watch options pop up for video templates, video cropping, and formats already optimized for mobile.

Creative testing is increasingly important, and healthy paid social strategy isn’t complete without it. Thankfully, major ad platforms like Facebook realize the importance of accessibility and have tools like the one above coming out every quarter. Leverage these tools to start moving your creative in the right direction, and don’t hesitate to contact our team for help.