If you recently launched a remarketing campaign and have yet to see favorable results, you may be considering sunsetting the effort entirely. Before you give up on remarketing entirely, however, try updating your remarketing campaign with one of these five recommendations.

Boost sales by converting more of your previous visitors.

Experiment with Different Membership Durations

Just because the default remarketing list membership duration is 30 days doesn’t mean you can’t change it to fit your own business needs. Keep in mind that you can create multiple time-segmented audiences, from 1 day to 540 days in Google. Try expanding on the lists you’ve already created by setting them to varying lengths of time. This will help you to determine when users find your remarketing ads most relevant. For example, you might find that your 7 day audience is more valuable than your 60 day audience; segmenting them out would allow you to take advantage of this better performance.

Leverage Your Product Pages

If your website has product-specific landing pages, you can create remarketing lists to target users who only visited one type of product, offering a more targeted landing page experience than simply taking them back to your home page. What’s more, you can couple these remarketing lists with image and text ads that reflect the specific product page, further enhancing the user’s experience.

Separate Your Remarketing & Display Images

If you’re running general image ads in your remarketing campaign, it’s time to start tailoring your ads to meet your customers in the purchase funnel. Try refining your ads so that they resonate more with the previous website visitors that are seeing them. Even something as simple as adding “Shop” or “Buy Now” over a previously blank or explanatory image can make a world of difference – without taking up too much time.

Remember Google Analytics?

Not only does Google Analytics provide insight into which audiences are most likely to convert on your website, it also allows you to segment and run remarketing lists based on that very data. Take the guesswork out of remarketing list creation and place your ad in front of an audience that is already highly likely to convert. Try launching remarketing audiences based on average session duration or number of pages visited and see how they perform.

Tap Into Similar Audiences

Apart from being automatically generated by Google, the best thing about similar audiences is that they target users who exhibit similar browsing behaviors as your website visitors. Implement these audiences to widen the scope of your remarketing efforts and attract users who have not previously visited your website while maintaining relevance. To start, test a similar audience of your current customers; depending on the volume you receive from that audience, you can try testing various other similar audiences based on your current core remarketing audiences.

There are plenty of opportunities to continue optimizing your remarketing campaign outside of launching new standard audiences, so don’t give up on remarketing just yet – try these ideas and see what improvements you can drive.