When we launched Metric Theory 3 years ago, our core focus was on translating our passion and excitement for Search Marketing into a world-class digital marketing agency. Although our founding team had been working together in the SEM world for years, we have been hard at work building an amazing 50-person team of digital experts and amassing a client list whose SEM & Display results we are extremely proud of. In particular, we are fortunate to have many clients on our roster who are growth-focused and interested in expanding our relationship beyond paid search management. We are now in the position to take those customers’ digital advertising programs to the next level by offering Facebook advertising services.

Over the past several years, the digital landscape has grown, increased in complexity, and evolved. As the customer journey has become a more sophisticated endeavor, we have constantly found ourselves diving deeper and deeper into analytics and cross-channel analysis. Paid search will always be a strong performing channel due to the expressed intent of the user. That said, advertising spend from other digital channels can significantly impact the volume and performance figures for paid search campaigns. In order for Metric Theory to add additional value to our customers’ online acquisition efforts, we need to build service offerings for digital channels beyond search.

We have always had our eye on Facebook. Our senior team ran our first Facebook advertising campaigns back in 2010. During the earlier years, the ad platform was in its infancy, campaign performance focused on “Likes” rather than ROI, and advertisers were hesitant to invest real budgets. Many companies launched campaigns on their own, saw limited success, and wrote off the channel as a poor performer.  In some ways, you could say that Google’s results, reporting, and UI had spoiled us all.

Fast-forward to 2015 and Facebook’s ad platform, while constantly changing, has grown to offer sophisticated audience targeting capabilities including both prospecting and remarketing. Campaign performance, while not directly comparable to SEM, can regularly deliver an excellent impact on an advertiser’s overall digital results. And last, we have seen our clients develop a larger and larger appetite to expand their budget investment in the channel.

It is extremely important that we are able to offer the same excellence in any new service offerings that we have become known for in SEM. For that reason, Metric Theory has taken a number of steps over the last 18 months to get us to the point where we are excited to formally offer Facebook Advertising Management services to all current and future clients.

We have been running Facebook campaigns for a number of select clients for the past few years. Our expertise in paid search easily translated to excellent results. However, we learned that the process and methodology required to build and run a successful Social agency team would require a senior-level hire that could bring world-class expertise to our team.

After a long search, we were lucky enough to have Amy Cass join our team. Amy previously was an Account Director at Kenshoo Social where she oversaw a global team of 10+ people. In her three years at Kenshoo, she had the opportunity to work on social advertising for some of the largest brands in the world utilizing Kenshoo’s sophisticated Facebook management platform.  At Metric Theory, Amy is now leading our San Francisco Account Services team and heading up our Social offering.

Since having Amy join the team 6 months ago, we have refined our Facebook offering, expanded our longtime Kenshoo partnership to leverage their Social management platform, and signed a multitude of new Facebook advertising customers. Managing both our clients’ SEM and Facebook campaigns in the same Kenshoo platform has allowed us to gain additional insights into cross-channel interaction and to provide an accelerant for digital growth.

Overall, we are extremely excited to grow our multi-channel offering. We have been hard at work training our Social advertising team with the same best-in-class fundamentals that have allowed us to drive growth in our paid search business.  We provide the same in-depth account audit and strategy prior to launching campaigns, aiming to educate our clients about our methodology, the tools we use, and the ways we measure growth.

Here’s to the future of Social advertising and continued growth for our clients!