We spend a lot of time talking about how to build a great company culture. One of the easiest ways to facilitate that culture is to invest in the right communication tools. These tools can help all employees feel like a part of one collaborative team as your company grows and expands into new locations.

It’s fantastic when the entire team can get together, but daily communication cross-office is a key to success.

Even though we work on different client accounts and projects across three offices in San Francisco, Denver, and New York, we work hard to keep communication lines open between employees in the same offices and across them. It is encouraged throughout the company to always reach out for help from peers and management, no matter who or where they are.

Still, Metric Theory has run into challenges trying to maintain this communication, which is natural, considering that keeping all 80+ employees in touch is no small feat. Here are a few tools we use at Metric Theory to keep all company employees close.

For instant communication: Messenger platforms like Skype and Slack

When you are across the country, it can be tedious to constantly pick up the phone to ask questions about a project. Even internally, it can become cumbersome to constantly interrupt your work to ask questions or update others on projects. We have found that both Slack and Skype have been extremely helpful. These platforms allow for group messages, search functions to find important information, and instant pings if you need a quick response from another employee.

For visual demonstrations: Screen sharing platforms like Join.me

Our jobs would be next-to-impossible if we were not able to easily communicate the work we are performing or the issues we are facing. Join.me and other similar platforms allow us to show others our work and ask questions with live examples. Not being able to show others in different offices our work instantly would negatively affect our productivity and prevent us from working together. These tools limit back and forth emails and help us quickly finish projects.

For internal assignments: Project management platforms like Wrike

Most of our work is executed so well because we help each other with it. Wrike and similar platforms help us keep track of who is doing what, as well as when each assignment will be complete. Wrike allows you to easily set deadlines and urgency statuses and notifies you on project updates. This is essential not only for getting work done in an efficient manner, but also for allowing employees from different offices to collaborate.

Despite having three offices across the country, Metric Theory feels like one cohesive team. These three tools are just a part of the methods we use to maintain this unity. As we increase in size and number of employees, we will continue exploring different strategies to ensure that everyone feels like a part of the team.