I am truly humbled to announce that Metric Theory was honored as part of Advertising Age’s 2015 Best Places to Work, ranking 1st out of the top 50 companies in advertising & media.  It is fantastic to be recognized along with other agencies and technology companies whose work and cultures we admire and respect.  I am thankful and proud of our team for valuing the culture, benefits, and opportunities at Metric Theory as strongly as they do.

When we decided to start our company, I remember sitting in my living room (our office for the first few months) with our founding team, discussing what kind of company we wanted to build.  Several of us had worked together previously so we knew we were strong as an initial team. Right out of the gate we were successful, and we had an absolute blast doing it. But how do you take a handful of people who work well together and scale that passion and talent into a great company?  On Day One of business, we began the culture conversation.

Our goal was crafting a culture that not only empowered new hires with the skills to improve the SEM performance of our clients’ campaigns, but also provided an environment where employees felt that their career was going places. We wanted to make sure they had a support system to navigate not only success, but the tough days as well.  We wanted them to develop the emotional intelligence to work with C-suite executives and learn the management skills necessary to effectively lead teams. Most of all, we wanted to help our team find the delicate balance between excelling at their jobs and pushing themselves outside their comfort zones to take on new challenges.

Our company is not perfect, but this recognition validates that we are focusing on the right areas.  We are a younger company that is committed to building a world-class digital marketing agency.  Talent is everything in our business; as we grow, we remain committed to finding, training, and retaining the best-of-the-best in digital marketing.

A special thank you to our clients for trusting us and pushing us to deliver top-notch results for your businesses.  We learn from you daily, and you contribute significantly to our team’s happiness and fulfillment.

Lastly, I want to send a big thank you to the entire team at Metric Theory.  I speak for all of our founders when I say that I have never been more inspired in the workplace. Your energy, compassion, teamwork, and intelligence shine through each and every day.