Metric Theory was featured on the most recent Inside AdWords blog for our work using call extensions with Medical Guardian.

Medical Guardian is a leader in medical alert systems whose mission is to provide affordable and reliable medical alert systems to all who wish to live an independent life. A majority of their orders come through phone calls with one of their representatives, as customers want to make sure they’re choosing the right system for themselves or a loved one.

When it came to optimizing Medical Guardian’s SEM campaigns, it became apparent that a phone call was worth more than a website click to Medical Guardian in most circumstances.  Metric Theory accessed a new AdWords feature that allows us to place bid modifiers on the call extension itself, which directly influences how often the call extension displays on the ad. After identifying which ads were prone to driving the highest number and quality of phone calls, Metric Theory implemented the bid modifiers accordingly, and set out to increase total phone calls as efficiently as possible.

After their first year working with Metric Theory, Medical Guardian observed a 20% increase in overall call volume the cost per phone call decreased by 60%!