Christina Leupp

by Christina Leupp | Social Advertising

Choosing the correct strategy to increase “brand awareness” for a new or growing company can be a difficult decision. How can you choose from all the options out there? And how will you know if your chosen strategy even works?

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When clients come to us looking to increase brand awareness, we typically recommend an increased investment in paid social, which is one of the strongest channels for branding thanks to its precise targeting and the measurable impact of investments in paid social. What kind of impact? Brand awareness campaigns in social channels have driven revenue and ROI increases across SEM Brand campaigns and in overall website revenue. In one case, an increased investment in paid social branding campaigns doubled overall site transactions, and increased revenue 76% and new user site visits 73%. When investing your advertising dollars with a brand awareness focus, we recommend you focus on a few types of campaigns:

1) Traffic Objective Campaigns

Traffic objective campaigns are a fantastic way to increase overall visitors to your website. However, it’s important to recognize what kind of audience to target with this campaign objective. Because we want to drive as much high-intent prospecting traffic to the site as possible, we recommend investing in a high percentage Lookalike audience, between 5-10%, based on a website custom audience of purchasers in the last 6 months.

Additionally, overlaying your Lookalike with relevant interest targeting can help you increase the relevancy of the audience you’re targeting to the creative that audience is served. For example, if you’re a makeup company trying to educate consumers about your brand, we recommend overlaying the Lookalike audience with competitor makeup brands.

With the Traffic objective, we recommend implementing ad creative that explains product value propositions, as well as product uses. You should focus on how your product solves a problem or performs its function better than competitor products. This will lead consumers to consider you the next time they are in the market for a similar product.

2) Video Views Objective Campaigns

Video creative is probably the most effective way to educate consumers about your brand or products. With the Video Views campaign objective, Facebook shows ads to users likely to watch your video. This campaign objective helps educate new potential customers by finding users interested in viewing or engaging with your video content.

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With this campaign type, we typically recommend using a high percentage Lookalike audience overlayed with relevant interest targeting, which will allow you to narrow your targeting to likely viewers without prohibitively restricting volume. If you’re looking to target more aggressively, you could use only Interest audiences and allow Facebook to the target users most likely to engage with your videos.

After initially educating consumers with the video content, you can build remarketing audiences of users who viewed a certain percentage of your video. We typically recommend remarketing to the 75% Video Viewed and the 95% Video Viewed audiences, as they have shown the strongest interest in your video by watching the majority of it.

3) Brand Awareness Objective Campaigns

The Brand Awareness campaign is the granddaddy of top-of-funnel endeavors and still worthy of your consideration. Facebook’s Brand Awareness objective is defined by its unique KPI: Ad Recall. This metric measures the effectiveness of your advertising through brand recognition. After you display an ad to a user, that user will be eligible to see a survey in their news feed within two days to ask if they “recall” your ad and brand. You can use this data to judge how well your targeting and ads are increasing awareness among your target audience. Don’t give up if the initial results from this metric are weak, instead use the data you have to optimize your creative to increase your ad effectiveness over time.

Following this simple playbook can help you grow a loyal customer base through paid social advertising. With a modest investment and some testing, you can begin to grow your brand’s following in no time.

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