Today, Metric Theory is officially unveiling our new agency website to the world. This is the product of countless hours, days, weeks, and months invested by upwards of 50 people over the course of the last year, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result!

The new shows how our level of understanding of, and integration with, our clients’ businesses drives award-winning results.

Last year we made the decision that in our fourth year of business and our second website iteration, it was time for a change. Our last website had served us well, but as our business and clients have grown, we knew that it no longer suitably reflected the agency we’d become. Since our previous website launched in 2013, we’ve grown by nearly 400%, expanded our digital services portfolio, and been recognized as both a top place to work and as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the country.

Any website redesign should begin with some iteration of these basic questions: Who will use your website? What do they want to do? What do you want them to do? The more detailed you can be with your answers to those questions, the higher the likelihood your website will be a success. But another critical component is your message – What do you want this website to say about your company? We knew that our website would necessarily share similarities with any digital marketing agency, but we haven’t grown this quickly or received so many accolades by being similar to others; we’ve accomplished that by being different.

At the center of this difference is our people, both our team here at Metric Theory and our fantastic clients. So understandably we’ve made them a focal point of our new site. We are a performance marketing agency that outperforms other agencies, and we get there by being data obsessed, so that is also a major focus. But data alone cannot demonstrate our understanding of, or integration with, our clients’ businesses and markets. We use that data in telling stories about our client work, and we encourage you to explore those stories on the new website.

As many of our clients can attest, the launch of this website is at once an endpoint and a new beginning. We have a lot of content to add about the technology and strategies our team uses everyday, and that we’re experimenting with to drive even better results for our clients. In addition, we will be launching new services, and providing more details about what it’s like to work with Metric Theory.

Thank you to our team and all our clients for their continued trust, support, and business.