September is always my favorite month of the year. After a summer of foggy San Francisco weather and feigned interest in Major League Baseball, I get to enjoy some scorching 76 degree SF afternoons and the start of football season is here. That made September as good of a time as any to launch our new digital advertising agency, Metric Theory.

When our former company, a large tech company, decided to take a slightly different direction with our PPC advertising unit, several senior managers and I quickly came to a simple conclusion: we love PPC and we want to start a company that will be dedicated to sharing that passion and strong results with our clients.

My already burgeoning interest in PPC was solidified a few years ago when I started working with our VP of Online Marketing & Strategy, Jeremy Brown. Besides finding the only comparably dedicated Georgetown fan in the Bay Area, I got to watch an individual who was more dedicated to his craft than anyone I’d ever worked with. A ten-year veteran in the space, Jeremy was an Encyclopedia PPC.

After months of late night sessions pouring over client data, AdWords releases and industry information, I asked Jeremy what made him so single-mindedly focused and excited. Responding somewhat dismissively (as if it were a question that didn’t need to be asked) “You get to be creative and use a ton of data, and you do that to get the immediate gratification of helping someone’s business.” Before I could comment, Jeremy’s head was already buried in the next ad copy he was editing. Without having realized it over the next few months, I was excited for the same reasons.

Three years later, we’ve worked on 100’s of accounts, 1000’s of campaigns and edited more ad copy than Don Draper. We’ve had the opportunity to work with B2B software giants and small eCommerce sites selling everything from flags and light bulbs to disaster relief kits.

Along with Cody Stevens, a fantastic senior account manager, and Ken Baker, the head search evangelist (read VP of Sales & Operations), we’re excited to officially launch Metric Theory. September is here, our doors are open and we’re excited to start driving results on our first accounts!