Google has been experimenting more and more with new shopping ad formats. In the last year alone, Google has introduced 30-product carousels on mobile, launched shopping showcase ads, and shifted impressions to the 9-slot ad type. We’re seeing Google experiment with new shopping product image changes that may impact the performance of your shopping campaigns. Specifically, we’ve identified two new tests, one that requires some changes on your end and the other you can opt out of directly.

Changing the background of product images to black

In cases where Google sees a pale shopping product image with no set background color, it may change the background of the image to black to help the product stand out more. While this may lead to a CTR increase, it can also provide a poor brand experience.

How to change this: You cannot opt out of this. In order to ensure your product images have white backgrounds, you have two options.

1) Upload your product images as .jpeg – this format does not allow for Google to make any   changes to it

2) Ensure that your background is set as white instead of transparent in your .png image

Cropping product images

Google has recently employed a cropping algorithm that will automatically cut your product images down in certain cases. While this is primarily seen on apparel products, it’s possible this could happen to any product. The Google algorithm appears to be cutting off spaces that do not include the product, as your product images are intended to only show the product itself.

How to change this: Contact your agency support or Google representative and request that your account be opted out of this.

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