In a much-hyped announcement on Tuesday, Google unveiled some new features for Dynamic Search Ad campaigns, including page feed integration, expanded text ad support, and quality enhancements. All these updates should help deliver more control to the advertiser by allowing increased ad relevancy and targeting, so we’re optimistic to see even stronger DSA performance in the weeks to come. Here’s a breakdown of the new features and how we think they’ll help you drive more leads or revenue from your DSA campaigns.

Page Feed Integration

One of the trickiest aspects of managing a DSA campaign is monitoring which landing pages are receiving traffic, and which products receive traffic from different auto targets. Additionally, you lack the inability to write hyper-specific ad copy for a certain auto target, increasing the lack of transparency in managing DSA campaigns. The recently announced ability to link a feed to a DSA campaign affords much more insight & control into those pain points.

By linking a feed, you will be able to populate an auto target with specific URLs and/or custom labels, allowing for targeting adjustments and bids based on different variables. If you have products that are frequently out of stock, you can group these together to reduce spend or stop advertising entirely when stock is low. Or conversely, if you’re running promo pricing and want to increase spend on a set of products, you can increase your bids for these products without affecting the rest of your DSA auto-targets.

Expanded Text Ad Support

The increased ad space (and frequently higher CTRs and conversion rates) that expanded text ads (ETAs) offer is old news at this point, but the ability to use them in DSA campaigns is brand new. Based on Google’s announcement, it appears that the headlines will be reserved entirely for dynamic content, but the increased Description character limit will be valuable real estate to feature unique selling propositions to draw the user in.

Since you won’t typically be able to offer product-specific language in the ad text, you should use this space to demonstrate the benefits of purchasing from your site, such as shipping discounts, site-wide promotions or selection.

AdWords Mock of New Expanded DSA Format

“Quality Enhancements”

Google’s last update is a bit of a teaser, but based on their blurb, it sounds like some type of enhanced targeting based on location cues and in-market buyer behavior. Read for yourself: “If you’re a baker in Palm Springs, your ads should only show to people who are looking for baked goods in Palm Springs… With our latest updates, advertisers are seeing on average an increase in conversion rate and a decrease in CPA.” We’re not entirely sure what this means, but increased conversion rates and decreased CPA sounds good to us!

Google is rolling out these features fully over the coming month, so check your DSA campaigns frequently to see if the new features are enabled, and stay tuned for more updates!