As the Social Coordinator for the Denver office, I love to celebrate and get everyone together to bond as a team. We at Metric Theory believe that establishing trust and strong team relationships will positively influence the quality of work from our employees, a philosophy that has allowed us to continuously win awards for company culture year after year.

Over multiple years of organizing events and being in management, I have found that celebrating wins, no matter how small or large, is key to encouraging strong work and retaining top-performing employees. Everyone wants to be recognized – some publicly and some privately – but celebrating these wins and making sure your employees are being applauded for their achievements should be an important piece of your organization. Here are the primary reasons celebrating wins is important:

Shared success

Nothing encourages a collaborative work environment like celebrating wins as a team and sharing in each other’s success. One example of how Metric Theory shares success is by having unified goals everyone is working toward. This encourages everyone to have an interest in helping out another coworker that needs help. For example, we often help each other audit our accounts, craft presentations, or brainstorm new strategy initiatives.


Everyone is motivated for different reasons. Some are motivated by monetary incentives, while others are internally motivated. However, everyone deserves and needs recognition. Knowing that your name could be featured in a company all-hands presentation, called out in a team meeting, or highlighted in a company-wide email adds additional motivation to all employees.

Positivity & relationship building in the office

By working together on common goals and sharing successes, you are able to encourage positivity and relationship building in the office. This encourages employees to work with others outside of their teams. When you help someone launch a new prospecting initiative in their account, you are invested in their success and have a reason to connect with them in the future.

Happy people means happy clients

Employees who are happy in their jobs and look forward to coming to work everyday will perform better, leading to better success for our clients. By celebrating your employees’ wins as a team, you help your employees gain meaning and motivation from their work, which trickles down to the results they drive.