As one of Metric Theory’s in-house YouTube experts, I’ve often wished to create, optimize and view video performance and spend directly in AdWords instead of in the separate videos tab. In the current format, it was frustrating that I couldn’t aggregate spend with other Search and Display campaigns, utilize bulk change tools or quickly view video performance. However, this is now changing. Google has announced that TrueView Video will join Search, Display, and Shopping as a campaign type that you can view and edit directly within AdWords.

When is this happening?

The official migration of TrueView into the AdWords interface will begin on October 12, 2015. Google will begin to auto-upgrade YouTube accounts on that date, but advertisers can upgrade their accounts immediately. You can also create a new video campaign directly in AdWords to test out the new video management format before upgrading all of your current efforts.

Why should I upgrade?

With all campaign types unified in one place, advertisers will have a more consistent experience when evaluating spend and performance. A unified interface will also make it much easier to optimize across campaign types, allowing advertisers to take advantage of the bulk editing and optimization tools that AdWords offers.

What is changing?

1. All campaigns in one place

All campaign types will be unified in a single location in the left-hand sidebar where you can select the campaign types you want to see:

Pic 1

Columns you are used to seeing for your video campaigns and other campaign types will also be unified in a single view in the data table.

2. Targeting ad groups will become regular ad groups

Ad groups will be the primary means of targeting and bidding for YouTube moving forward, much the same as for Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns. Your current YouTube targeting groups will be automatically converted into ad groups.

The new ad group format will allow advertisers to target both in-display and in-stream formats in the same campaign:


3. Account Linking & Shared Library

YouTube account linking will merge with other types of linked accounts within the AdWords settings menu. And to find your Video remarketing lists, you just need to look in the new unified AdWords shared library:

Pic 3

What will happen to my existing video efforts?

The upgrade is estimated to take about 5 minutes and any current video campaigns and campaign data (statistics, settings, targeting criteria, and remarketing lists) will carry over to the upgraded view. You will not lose any data with the upgrade.

How do I upgrade?

To upgrade, click on ‘All Video Campaigns’ in AdWords for Video, then switch over all campaigns in the Upgrade Center.