Amazon’s Prime Day is less than two months away and it represents a huge opportunity for eCommerce Companies. Here’s a quick breakdown of what is and why it matters, whether you sell on Amazon or not.

Amazon Prime Day Shopping Campaigns

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a 24-40 hour period when Amazon offers discounts and deals to Amazon Prime Members with the purpose of getting new Amazon Prime Members. In 2018, Prime Day generated huge revenue numbers for Amazon. Some highlights:

Just Because You Don’t Sell on Amazon Doesn’t Mean You’re Left Out:

While the initial focus of the holiday was Amazon shopping, it has turned into an overall online shopping holiday, similar to Cyber Monday.  One report by PaymentsSource noted that 75% of Amazon Shoppers also visited non-Amazon retailer websites on Amazon Prime Day, and while Digital Commerce 360 reported that 50% of the USA’s top 100 retailers also offered competitive deals on Prime Day to capitalize on that traffic.

Offering a discount on your own site can help to capture these holiday shoppers.  We highly recommend free shipping as a baseline discount. Research from CPC Strategy and reported by eMarketer shows that over 50% of shoppers claim shipping price is the single most important factor when deciding where to buy, and this will hold especially true for Amazon shoppers used to Prime shipping.

Additionally, ensuring your Google Shopping campaigns are up to best practices will allow you to capture the increased search volume.  Check out our shopping optimization blog posts here.

If you sell on Amazon, Prime Day is a huge opportunity to increase your Amazon revenue profitably.  Need help running your Amazon ads? Contact Metric Theory for a growth discussion!