The holiday season is right around the corner, which means if you haven’t already, now is the time to start preparing your PPC campaigns for Q4 success. To make the holiday planning process a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of blog posts we consider must-reads for all ecommerce advertisers and business owners. Here’s to a successful 2018 holiday season!

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Get Ready For the Holidays With 5 Steps

If you haven’t started preparing for Q4 yet, you can get started with these five steps. How your campaigns performed last year can be highly indicative of trends this year, and this post will make sure you’re asking the right questions about your account in order to maximize revenue these coming months. Don’t forget to start building up your remarketing audiences and filling those cookie pools!

 » 5 Steps For a Successful Holiday Season in PPC

Holiday Product Feed Optimizations

When it comes to driving revenue from Google Shopping, you can’t rely solely on your Google Ads campaigns. Making a few key optimizations to your Google Shopping product feed can be even more effective than crafting a complex PPC holiday strategy. Here are some important feed changes that can make a significant impact on your revenue this season.

 » Step Up Your Holiday PPC Strategy With These Product Feed Optimizations

Store Visit Conversion Tracking

If you market products sold in physical stores, you can better understand and guide the consumer purchase journey by setting up Store Visits Conversions tracking. Store Visits Conversions allows you estimate the in-store impact of your digital campaigns and create separate campaigns to optimize toward in-store visits. Learn more about set up requirements and strategy recommendations with this post.

 » Understand the Omnichannel Customer Journey with AdWords Store Visit Data

Promotions, Promotions, Promotions

Promotions are likely a key part of your holiday strategy, but if you’re not showcasing them on your ads, you’re falling behind your competitors. There are two main features you should implement to highlight promotions – merchant center promotions, which appear below Google Shopping ads, and promotion extensions, which appear below Google Search ads. Learn how to set them up with the following blogs:

 » Boost Revenue with Google Shopping Promotions
 » Boost PPC Revenue with Promotion Extensions

Increasing Marketing Investment Early Can Pay Off Later

Everyone knows about window shopping in physical stores, but have you heard about online window shopping? This behavior really kicks off in October, and we’ve seen a number of clients have success with ramping up their holiday spend starting in October. Even during a week like the one before Thanksgiving where conversion rates can drop a bit, it’s important to maintain a strong ad presence in front of those shoppers. Based on historical holiday data, we found that advertisers who increased spend during the week prior to Thanksgiving saw higher revenue gains for the rest of the holiday season.

 » Holiday Marketing Strategy: Why You Should Increase Investment Before Thanksgiving


We’ll be publishing new holiday-focused content every week this quarter, so make sure to subscribe to our blog for more holiday help. If you’re looking for more in-depth guidance to get your campaigns ready for the holidays, contact our team.