New digital advertising channels arise all the time, creating new ways to reach potential customers every day. How’s a marketer supposed to keep track? I like to make analogies. So, let’s take a look at your favorite marketing channels today…as zodiac signs.

Leo zodiac sign

Aries – Twitter

Being the first sign in the zodiac, Twitter is a natural leader. She is passionate, strong-willed and competitive. Aries work hard on goals and won’t stop until they achieve them – until they are number one. They are also the babies of the zodiac and have the most to learn, even if they won’t admit it.

Twitter advertising works in a similar way. You can choose to only pay when you’ve achieved your marketing objective, whether that’s downloads or acquiring followers. The platform allows for very granular targeting, using hashtags or reaching users that have engaged in tweets. All of this custom targeting comes at a cheaper cost, too. Like an Aries, this gives Twitter an edge over its competitors, distinguishing her from others. One of her drawbacks is that the number of users on Twitter is relatively small compared to other social platforms, so reach isn’t as expansive as Facebook for example. Advertising might not be new on Twitter, but like an Aries, Twitter is in her infancy as a performance platform.

Taurus – Amazon Advertising

Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Any Taurus you may know typically has a beautiful home, filled with items that make him or her feel safe and comfortable. Taureans are also represented by the bull, and like bulls, can be stubborn and difficult to manage.

This is why Taureans represent Amazon Advertising. With an interface that’s new and changing constantly, Amazon Advertising can be a bit difficult to manage. He only has reporting that can go back 90 days, and pulling product information from him can be a very manual process. However, Amazon Advertising allows you to get in front of people that are looking for products like yours who are comparing prices and features. Reviews and low prices are the key to success here. Taureans will tell you, they love a good bargain. Amazon is also about crafting product detail pages with descriptive titles, images, and details to convince users to buy your product, just like a Taurus will craft his or her home.

Gemini – Reddit

Geminis are represented by the twins, duality at its finest. They can be both assertive and nurturing. They are master manipulators for this reason. They are smooth talkers and have a gift with words. This duality also means that they tend to contradict themselves. They think long and hard about a topic, or whether an answer is right, given that they can see both sides. Because of this they can be flakey and thrive with a little direction. They tend to be super popular, easily making friends.

Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the internet. It’s a hub for information about any topic, and just like a Gemini, he’s likely able to find both sides of the argument. Reddit’s community can be fickle, and if your content does not provide value to Reddit users, it will be ignored. It has really inexpensive CPS and CPMs to run ads, which draws you in, but there are constraints on targeting capabilities, which prevent you from scaling ad spend. Still, there is huge profit potential from Reddit if you are creative and give him a little direction on what content to target. Given his limited targeting capabilities, Reddit performs better when paired with other social advertising efforts, just like a Gemini twin.

Cancer – Facebook

Cancers are all about how they feel, and they tend to be sensitive. They want to be safe, secure and happy. Because of this, families and friends are of the utmost importance to Cancers. Cancers live in their memories and never stop searching for meaning and understanding, constantly reflecting. For this reason, although not obvious, Cancers love power. They won’t directly ask to be in charge, but their understanding of systems and how things work help them move up the ranks.

Facebook’s position as the leader in social advertising is unquestionable. The Facebook algorithm has the ability to learn over time the best placements and audience targeting after processing a lot of conversion and click data. Just like a Cancer, the platform reflects and learns from her history. Friends, family, and connections are important in Facebook advertising. Without the right interest or lookalike targeting, the platform simply won’t generate the results you desire. This is just like a Cancer, leaning on family and friends. But all of this comes at a cost. If you don’t give enough budget, data, or time, Facebook will be ineffective and recede into her shell.

Leo – Instagram

Leos love to be the center of attention. That is why most celebrities and politicians are Leos. They are great performers and aesthetic perfection is very important to them. They have a need to be liked, and others’ opinions rule them. With all this power, they are incredibly loyal and give back to those that love them.

Instagram perfectly embodies a Leo. Instagram ads appear in a native context, owning 100% share of voice, mimicking Leos’ need to be the center of attention. She is also a highly visual ad platform, appealing to many different users and brands. She is typically most effective with younger audiences and is growing in popularity much faster than its older sibling, Facebook. The more users like your ads and engage with them, the more you are rewarded with cheaper CPCs. This rules efficiency on the platform, mirroring how a Leo needs the validation of others.

Virgo – Google Search

Getting details, making lists, checking items off of that list, and always having the answer, Virgos are known for organization and attention to detail. It is very important to them that they complete everything on time and correctly. Virgos would rather talk to you about you and what you want, rather than talk about themselves. Virgos have a great memory and hold onto things.

Google enables you to connect with users looking to buy exactly what you sell. Like a Virgo, he always has the answer and will show you his list about whatever you’re asking. Google is one of the most mature advertising platforms, as one of the founders. This makes Google very organized and easy to use. There are fewer difficulties knowing what type of targeting results in sales since Google uses keyword targeting, and because users tend to convert directly after clicking an ad. However, one of his downsides is that he isn’t very good at breaking outside of his comfort zone, just like a Virgo. Google’s not great if you want to tell a story about your brand, but that’s what social platforms are for.

Libra – Pinterest

Libras work hard at their relationships and finding emotional balance, which is why they are symbolized by the scale. They appreciate beauty and are great gift givers. They take the time to think what you’d want and tend to give out of the blue. Everything they do is aimed at longevity, and they are quite tolerant. They are comfortable with playing devil’s advocate and love to keep things interesting. Downside of Libras is they can take way too long to make a decision. You may still be waiting on a response to a text you sent two weeks ago.

See the connection? Pinterest is centered around retail planning and shopping. Like a Libra will take the time to find the perfect gift, Pinterest allows retailers and e-commerce advertisers to match the perfect product with the perfect person. 70% of all purchases on Pinterest come from first-time buyers, because people are looking for new ideas and products, keeping it interesting like a Libra. The downside is that, like a Libra, she can take a very long time to drive a purchase, sometimes 90+ days. She contributes to the purchase journey in winding and mysterious ways. If you’re on this platform, you’re in it for the long-haul.

Scorpio – Universal App Campaigns and Apple Search Ads

Scorpios are mysterious and tend to hide in the background, quiet and reserved. Like a Virgo and Cancer, a Scorpio is very smart, but leans on intuition rather than logic to understand others’ needs. Most people are drawn to Scorpios because of their ability to understand others on a fundamental level, but are usually intimidated by them since they seem to know everything yet share nothing.

The major app advertising platforms are relatively new and have few audience controls, so much like a Scorpio, their audience isn’t easy to access. However, these platforms are in control and can intuit a lot from the most basic keywords to find new installs. Given their newness, they can be a bit intimidating to launch ads on, but the rewards can be large if you are looking to expand your app’s reach.

Sagittarius – YouTube Ads

Don’t try to pin a Sagittarius down. They are a bit obsessive and love their freedom. They are ferociously independent and don’t like to play by the rules. They tend to be optimistic and always land on their feet. They are great at trying new things and always learning. They are hyped up about themselves and all the things that they are trying to accomplish; cation that you don’t get in their way.

YouTube is one of the best platforms to educate and engage users. With videos on nearly every topic, the targeting opportunities are endless. A vast amount of people use YouTube every day. Like Sagittarians, YouTube is constantly changing – what is trending one day, might not be trending the next. She is constantly learning and has something new going on. Like a Sagittarius, this independent platform is beginning to provide real business impact all on its own and is one of the fastest growing segments of digital advertising. Just like you can’t pin down a Sag, it can also be difficult to measure the full impact your video advertising may have. Many users may watch your ad, but then not take any action. That doesn’t mean YouTube didn’t make an impact. Likely, the next time a user needs your product or is looking to buy, your brand will be front of mind, mirroring how traditional TV advertising works. Just don’t try to pin your same old performance goals on it. YouTube direct sales and leads might be low, but it can have a huge impact on brand awareness if you’re patient and give it room to work.

Capricorn – LinkedIn

Capricorns are the survivors of the zodiacs. They are constantly planning for a stable, thriving future. If they have security and practicality, they are satisfied. They value hard work and ambition, making them workaholics. They are also sensible and unfussy.

LinkedIn Ads is the best source for workplace audience data like job titles, functions, seniority, employer, and company size targeting and goes after those hardworking, career-driven individuals that make important business decisions. See? Capricorn. You get some of the best leads and quality from a platform like LinkedIn, but it might cost you to run ads this targeted and practical. LinkedIn has added a ton of features and is creating new ones otherwise unavailable in performance marketing, setting themselves up for a long future of being competitive with, and perhaps eventually unseating, their rivals.

Aquarius – Quora

Blunt and honest, this zodiac sign has no time for nonsense and always thinks they are right. Aquarians also have a knack for convincing you that they are right too. They also tend to be on the eccentric side and think of things in innovative ways. They crave knowing everything, especially if it is outside of their area of expertise. They are super curious and love knowledge.

Quora is a great platform for a large number of users engaged in different questions, topics and interests. Like an Aquarius, the platform is always seeking an answer to something. With Quora Ads, you have the ability to target these users, all the way down to niche interests and super unique topics – just like Aquarians, a little odd.  They have some quirky ad products, unlike anything offered by other platforms, so it’s a good idea to tailor your approach to its environment. Give Quora users what they want – information!

Pisces – Microsoft Ads

Pisces are old souls. They are guided by devotion, receptivity and commitment. They love to collect data about people and make decisions based on all of the information they have observed. They are processors with many receptors. However, despite their high emotional maturity, they aren’t the most organized or on time. Like the fish they’re represented by, they tend to go with the flow and are slow to adopt things. They are naturally mellow and dreamy, but will work hard for you out of love. They are the opposite of Virgo on the karmic wheel, making them the most compatible and having what the other lacks.

Microsoft Ads’ core demographic tends to be older searchers, just like the old soul of a Pisces. While Google might have the lion’s share of the market, Microsoft should not be ignored. She has great insights and answers to many of your questions. Additionally, just like a Pisces, she will work really hard for you and is known for her great level of service to advertisers. However, she tends to be slightly behind in adoption of new ad types and features, taking their time to catch up with their search ad Virgo counterpart, Google. Microsoft distinguishes herself with her great audience data. Microsoft owns LinkedIn and as such has a wealth of LinkedIn data fueling targeting options. You can create strong overlays for users in-market based on different business data.

The world needs people that are each one of the zodiac signs, because it is through diversity that we thrive. The strengths of one individual supplement the weaknesses of another. These digital advertising platforms work the same way for overall business performance. They might not all produce the same ROI, but all have a different role in connecting you with new customers. Reach out to Metric Theory (a Virgo, for sure) to partner with us in choosing the right platforms for you.