Metric Theory is thrilled and humbled to be named the Denver Business Journal’s #1 Best Place to Work in the Medium company size category. We’ve made the list in previous years, but this is our first time at number one!

At Metric Theory, our people drive our product. It’s critical that we’re creating a work environment that’s engaging and fulfilling. Our culture leads to the best possible work from our people, and that translates directly into the service we provide our clients.

When I opened the Denver office five years ago, we started off with just three employees. While we had our challenges, culture came to us naturally. We were very close, and it felt like a family.

As we started to grow, maintaining an excellent culture with the values we cared about became more challenging. Here are three things I’ve learned along the way:

Don’t just hire for cultural fit, hire people who add to your culture

We’ve always felt the phrase “culture fit” is overused. Looking for “culture fit” actually ensures your culture never evolves to be welcoming to all kinds of people. Fitting into a culture is as much about colleagues being open and empathetic with others as it is about new employees adjusting to life at Metric Theory. One of the questions we consider when making hiring decisions is, How will this person fit into our culture and help propel it forward? We have seen this be an effective strategy to not only maintain a strong culture but also to improve it.

Though we don’t always nail it, we put a lot of effort and emphasis on cultural behavior and activities that lead to inclusiveness. Ultimately, we need to be representative of the people that we’re marketing to and for. With a diverse client base, it’s important that we find talented people who are just as diverse and can bring new perspectives to our office.

Keep culture top of mind for the senior leadership team

Like at many companies, our people have many individual responsibilities and outcomes to manage. We also have various people working on teams across different office locations, as well as a number of people working remotely at any given time – like those on their Work From Anywhere week, one of our annual benefits. That can be liberating for our employees, but it also requires a lot of effort to connect people and build awareness for everyone’s accomplishments.

We work hard to recognize our people for their achievements, such as celebrating every new client agreement. Randomized coffee outings make sure people get to know each other across teams, and our mentor program helps our new hires integrate into the office and the company. Many of these programs came from cultural discussions in our regular management meetings. Checking in regularly on culture is a must for keeping it strong.

Everyone plays a part in culture – it can’t only come from the top down

Our culture is what every person in our office says it is. No amount of programming our leadership team does can change that, which is exactly how we want it to be. Having a strong sense of culture by discussing it regularly in small groups and one-on-one ensures that we’re always in tune with whether or not we’re moving in the right direction. There are tons of people working hard every day to make sure we maintain a strong culture, and it wouldn’t work without those contributions. They may think those are small moments, but those moments added up comprise our culture.

Denver has been an amazing city to grow a business and provide career opportunities to our employees, and we are very honored to receive this award. Thank you also to our founders and every member of the Metric Theory team!