With just a few days remaining to place your orders in time for pre-Christmas delivery, here’s our annual wish list of digital marketing products and features that we’re hoping to unwrap in 2018. Santa has been kind to us in the past, bringing us everything from Google tablet bid adjustments to Bing dynamic search ads after we asked nicely. Here’s hoping we’re on the nice list and wake up to at least a few of these under the tree in 2018!

Santa taking selfie with little girl

We don’t need a selfie, but we do hope Santa brings us some Facebook device bid adjusts & advanced AdWords attribution for YouTube & Display. Image via Pexels.

Customer Match for the Google Display Network

Customer Match is a powerful tool (when applied correctly), but it would be even better if you could target customer match lists on the GDN. You could show targeted remarketing ads to sales prospects, exclude current customers from remarketing and display campaigns, and advertise product add-ons to current customers.

Derek Gerberich
Senior Manager

Performance by Facebook Targeting Segment

You know what’s great about campaigns on the Google Display Network? You can layer three topics, two genders, three age segments, and five keywords as targeting in the same campaign, and then analyze performance for each of those segments. With Facebook? It’s a black box. You can add six kinds of targeting, but good luck finding out which ones work and which ones are wasting money. It’s time to let us look under the hood, Facebook!

Megan Beatty
Senior Manager

Include YouTube & Display Networks in new AdWords Attribution Models

We don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing we need, and that’s for YouTube and Display campaigns to be included in the new AdWords attribution models. These models give us fantastic insight into the impact of higher-funnel non-brand keywords in the conversion path, so why can’t we have the same insight for YouTube and Display efforts? This would help us demonstrate the true impact of these campaigns as drivers of additional brand and non-brand conversions. Please make our wish come true, Google!

Alyssa Codd & Andrea Selby
Metric Theory Video & Display Specialists

Target CPA Bidding for Specific Conversion Types

Target CPA and target ROAS were nice early stocking stuffers from Google this year. But one major enhancement would be the ability to adjust target CPA campaigns based on the targeted conversion type. For many B2B or lead-gen advertisers, some conversion events are worth much more than others. Allowing your tCPA portfolio to adjust bids based on the expected value of different conversion types would allow for account management that properly values each conversion type.

Eddie Wright
Senior Manager

Product Search Query Report

Seeing the actual search queries that triggered a Shopping ad to show is a huge asset for optimizing Google Merchant Center product feeds. Since product titles and descriptions are essentially the “keywords” of Shopping, identifying the search terms that best match to each product allow us to better tailor our titles and descriptions to increase impression share and sales. Right now, you can only see search queries by downloading a custom report. In 2018, it would be wonderful to have this data directly in the AdWords UI to allow us to more quickly and easily access the data that allows us to make major improvements to Shopping performance.

Kyle Reynolds
Account Manager

Demographic Audiences for Shopping

Every December, Santa must determine if all little boys and girls have been naughty or nice. Why won’t Google let us do the same for our Shopping campaigns? Demographic bid adjustments are already standard across Search campaigns. Adding this option for Shopping campaigns would allow us to much more efficiently target our products to the most likely purchasers.

Cameron McCourt
Account Manager

GDN Similar Placement Targeting

If Similar Audience targeting allows us to show ads to new customers similar to our existing ones, why can’t we target GDN placements similar to the ones our customers are already visiting? In most cases, nobody knows all the website domains that are relevant to a certain category or topic, but we usually know at least a subset of these. It would be great to build a “Similar Placements” list to expand our GDN targeting, or a GDN campaign to target placements similar to those visited by our recent site visitors. The possibilities here are endless, so to paraphrase John Oliver: How is this still not a thing?

Josh Yates
Account Manager

Facebook Device Bid Adjustments

Blanket bid policies are so 2007. This year, I hope the Facebook Santa brings us the ability to adjust bids based on the device the end user is using to access Facebook. In a mobile-first world, we need to adjust our bids based on the varying performance across different devices.

Eve Denton
Assoc. Director, Search and Social

Separate Search Partner Bidding for Google

PPC professionals have been asking for this since Google rolled out Search Partners. It’s the 3rd year in a row on our list, and it will stay on the list until we get the Red Ryder BB gun we have been asking for! Google Claus, if you can make this happen in 2018, I will make a special delivery of milk and cookies.

Jeremy Brown
Founder & CMO